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Cal coaching changes coming? Sonny Dykes noncommittal on DC Art Kaufman

Will there be a new defensive coordinator?

NCAA Football: Stanford at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Art Kaufman got the Gatorade bath after the team’s most impressive performance of the season on the defensive side of the football. Will it be his final time on the sidelines as the Cal defensive coordinator?

Kaufman’s contract is up this year, and you’d have to guess renewal is not likely to happen. Cal head coach Sonny Dykes remained noncommittal about Kaufman’s future with the Bears in his postgame press conference.

“You sit down at the end of the year and evaluate everything in the program...we evaluate everybody in our program.”

None of the metrics are too favorable for a Kaufman return. Even with the UCLA performance, Cal’s defense still ranks in the bottom ten in FBS in most metrics, a sharp regression from an improved 2015 campaign and more along the lines of Kaufman’s first year at Cal

Not too inspiring, especially with Cal defensive recruiting not especially picking up in critical areas.

Additionally, if Kaufman goes, don’t expect him to be the only Cal defensive assistant who isn’t retained.