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Instareaction and grade the game: Cal exploits UC L.A.'s offensive ineptitude to FINALLY best a rival, 36–10

Not the worst way to end the regular season.

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Thank some offensive struggles from the UC Los Angeles Bruins, but the California Golden Bears will end the 2016 season victorious and Sonny Dykes will finally have a win over a rival. It wasn't pretty, but all three phases of the game contributed to the win—and on Senior Day, no less. Here's your thread for your immediate reactions ("Fire Dykes and Kaufman nonetheless!") and to grade the game.

The Bears will end the regular season at 5–7 (3–6 in the Pac-12) with an outside chance at a bowl. It was a tough season, but here's to the Bears for still fighting and go Bears. Always.