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Golden Blogs Pick-Em Week 13: It’s Rivalry Week! (For Everyone Else)

Two huge rivalry games in the Pac-12 will decide who plays next week in the Pac-12 Championship Game. We have our picks here!

NCAA Football: Washington State at Washington
Washington has owned the Apple Cup for two seasons now and are the favorites to keep it. Will Wazzu pull an upset?
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the final week of the regular season and Cal will probably be playing their final game. I’m sure, win or lose, or eyes will be focused on that game.

However, there’s two major games in the Pac-12 to watch as well. Of course I’m talking about Notre Dame-USC and Rice-Stanford. What? What are you looking at me funny for?

Oh, that’s right. I’m actually talking about Washington-Washington State (which is TODAY) and Utah-Colorado. The winner of the former gets to play in the Pac-12 Championship game. Colorado will play in the Championship game next week with a win in their game, while a Utah upset will send USC to the title game regardless of what they do versus the Fighting Irish.

We have our picks for all of these games (except Rice-Stanford because who even remembers that is a game that will be played tomorrow?) Here’s our picks from last time.

Week 12 results

For the first time, after getting feedback from my pickers, I am now including the total amount of possible points. Hopefully that will make our rankings a little bit clearer next season. Next week, our final week, I will try to make the total amount of possible points for the entire season.

We got Oregon and Colorado wrong for the most part, but nailed the Oregon State and USC picks... Also, Vegas can be very very evil. Washington was a 26.5 point favorite (or at least I declared that)... and guess how much they won by? ...26. Unfair, but them’s the rules. Also, several of us called the upsets by Florida and Kansas!

On to the games... note that the first two Pac-12 games happen Friday... which is the day I’ve posted this.



Washington State is the home team, and a 6 point underdog (6.5 today). Over/Under is 63.5
The Apple Cup picks

EVERYONE thinks Washington should get the 7+ point win. Only Berkelium has the game going under 64 points. Do you agree?

Nik Jam: I can see an upset happening but I'm still expecting Washington to fulfill their destiny.

Ruey Yen: Does Jeff Tedford get a Rose Bowl ring for being the consultant?

boomtho: After the results last week, I'm a bit surprised the line is this low...

Berkelium97: For the second week in a row the Cougs face a stifling pass defense. I don't foresee Wazzu winning this one.



Arizona is the home team, a 3 point underdog (-1 point today) and the over/under is 68.5
Territorial Cup picks

Despite the massive slump by Arizona, the line is pretty even (almost completely even today). That’s because Arizona State has not won since beating UCLA in October. Nonetheless, none of the staff think the Wildcats have a chance in this one.

Nik Jam: Arizona State has been in a slump, but there's no reason they shouldn't win this game. Generous line.

Ruey Yen: ASU is the superior team.

boomtho: Battle of two pretty bad teams. Hey, just like our game!

Berkelium97: Both teams have bad defenses but ASU seems better equipped to exploit the Arizona defense. After five failed attempts ASU FINALLY attains bowl eligibility.



USC is the home team, a 17.5 point favorite, Over/Under is 56.5
Notre Dame/USC picks

With the high spread, we have a couple of Notre Dame picks... but a majority have USC blowing out the Fighting Irish.

Nik Jam: I don't see this game being that close.

Ruey Yen: Trojans are on a roll and the news of vacated wins will distract the Irish.

boomtho: USC is really good, ND is ... not.

Berkelium97: Despite the 4-7 record, ND isn't that bad. Every loss has been by one score. I can see them keeping this one close, especially because USC may be lacking motivation here.


SATURDAY 1PM on Pac-12 Network

Oregon State is the home team, a 3 point underdog and the Over/Under is 71.5
Civil War picks

After the big upset by Oregon last week, most of the staff have declined to sleep on them. Only two of us, including myself, have the Beavers ending a 10 year Civil War drought.

Nik Jam: Oregon State will make the Big Game losing streak the longest of the rivalry games... Sad face.

Ruey Yen: An OSU win helps Cal's longshot bid for a bowl game.

boomtho: The Ducks? IDK. Lot of really bad rivalry games this year.

Berkelium97: Oregon prevails in a sloppy, rainy, mess of a game.



Cal is the home team, a 3.5 point underdog. Over/Under is 71.5
Cal/UCLA picks

One last Cal game... and one last homerism by the staff. (Kidding!) 5 of 8 think the Bears will upset UCLA.

Nik Jam: The underdog status is justified but Cal should be able to handle the UCLA defense. I think they will score enough points to pull it off.

Piotr T Le: We gotta win this out... right?

Ruey Yen: Davis Webb with a brilliant game to mark the end of his brief Cal career at Memorial Stadium.

boomtho: Just like the last couple weeks, believe our opponent has too much talent for us.

Berkelium97: What's the only thing worse than trying to save your coach's job while finishing a bowl-less season on Thanksgiving weekend after a blowout loss to your rival? Doing all that on the road.

And the Pac-12 finale of the season (besides that game in Palo Alto... should we have a done an over/under on the crowd for that one?)



Colorado is the home team, a 10 point favorite, and the over/under is 53.5
Utah/Colorado picks

Despite the high spread, we have a perfect 50/50 split on the two teams. Who knows how many of the people backing the Utes think they will lose by less than 10... but here’s the comments I got.

Nik Jam: With Utah out of it, I think Colorado will win convincingly.

Piotr T Le: If USC could fail to clinch that would be great.

Ruey Yen: Too much is at stake of the Buffs to not play well in this one.

boomtho: I think Colorado still wins but Utah is more competitive than 10 points.

Berkelium97: Colorado should win this, but 10 is too high of a spread.


#16 Nebraska -3 (@ Iowa)
TCU +2.5 (@ Texas)
#20 Boise State -9 (@ Air Force)
Toledo +9 (@ #21 Western Michigan)
Baylor -5 (@ Texas Tech)
#3 Michigan +6.5 (@ #2 Ohio State)
Georgia Tech +4.5 (@ Georgia)
#18 West Virginia -7.5 (@ Iowa State)
Mississippi -7.5 (@ Mississippi State)
#14 Florida State -6.5 (@ #15 Florida)
Wild Card: Lock of the Week picks

So many good games to choose from! The big one, of course, is Ohio State and Michigan and three people chose from that. (Two Michigan, one Ohio State) We also have a contrarian pick as boomtho selected Nebraska and Berkelium picked Iowa, who play each other.

West Virginia, Baylor and Georgia Tech also get picked.

Nik Jam: (West Virginia) Iowa State has not been good.

Piotr T Le: Go Michigan Harbaughs!

Ruey Yen: Michigan vs. The Ohio State is the game to pick - I do like the Blue color more.


N.C. State (11.5 point underdogs @ North Carolina) [3]
Michigan State (13 point underdogs @ #8 Penn State) [3]
Minnesota (14 point underdogs @ #5 Wisconsin) [3]
Duke (15.5 point underdogs @ Miami FL) [3]
Notre Dame (17 point underdogs @ #12 USC) [3]
#13 Auburn (17 point underdogs @ #1 Alabama) [3]
Virginia (18.5 point underdogs @ Virginia Tech) [3]
Kentucky (23.5 point underdogs @ #11 Louisville) [3]
South Carolina (23.5 point underdogs @ #4 Clemson) [3]
Rice (35 point underdogs @ #24 Stanford) [4]
The 10 above teams + others lose [2]
Wild Card: Upset of the Week

Every week has had one of my upset choices win... but Piotr and myself still chose “No upset”. Duke ties with two picks. Berkelium even has Notre Dame knocking off USC!

Nik Jam: Every week has seen an upset happen. We're due for none.

Ruey Yen: (Michigan State) Spartans nearly upset the Buckeyes last week...

Berkelium97: (Notre Dame) Sure, why not?


I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. If you can make the Cal game and say goodbye to the seniors I hope you do. I understand however if you are too tempted by that Colorado/Utah matchup. Also remember to tune into Cal basketball (both genders)!