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Cal football fans, would you buy or renew 2017 season tickets?

Go Bears!

NCAA Football: Washington at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Put yourself in the mindset of a Cal season ticket holder. If the status quo holds, would you renew or buy tickets for 2017, choose to stay home, or do what?

Nam Le: Listen, man. I don't buy the tickets or spend my money supporting this team because I expect them to win. Don't get me wrong or anything. Winning is fantastic, and winning is the goal, but my support for the program as a fan isn't, and won't ever be contingent on that. I go to games for so much more than the game itself - it's a place to connect with my past, my friends, and the place that shaped me. I'll be an STH again in 2017, too.

Plus, I've seen worse. I had two pairs of tickets to the 2013 season.

ragnarok: Same, I've been a season ticket holder since I graduated in '04, and I don't think I'll ever stop following Cal closely just because of subpar performance. Usually, my season ticket renewal decision is automatic, although I am going to think long and hard about renewing this coming year, mostly because all of the night games (which are apparently out of the AD's hands) severely limit my ability to actually attend all of the games for which I've paid tickets. If so, I'll join many of my friends who've gone away from season tickets and now purchase or scrounge tickets to one or two games a year.

Kevin Wu: I would most definitely not renew. Why pay for a losing product.? Cal alum cannot be blind to what's happening - this is a program that does not have a clear direction for itself and is grasping at anything that it can (ala Davis Webb this year). Major college athletics is about Ws and Ls. You can't sell a losing product for very long. Honestly, I think Cal has already overextended its welcome with folks whom are willing to blindly shell out money to for Dykes's extremely bloated salary.

Berkelium97: The biggest factor that would dissuade me from renewing tickets is the regularity of the 7:30pm kickoffs, rather than the mediocre product on the field. Even if the team is lousy, the experience of getting together with friends and hanging out for several hours is well worth it. Of course, I'm 2500 miles away from Memorial Stadium so this is purely academic.

boomtho: I had season tickets 2 years ago, didn't last year, and bought them again this year. My decision is mostly financial - if I think I'll make 5/6 home games and it'll be about financially a wash, I'll buy season tickets. However, I think we're going to be pretty bad next year and the home schedule isn't super appealing (no non-conference game like UT, no Stanford). Because of that, I probably won't get season tickets. I still expect to attend at least 4 games though.

Nik Jam: Well, I am a season ticket holder... and for a variety of reasons I'm debating coming back. There is the not-relevant-to-anyone-but-me reason that I'll be spending the summer in Europe so I might need to save the money and I may not be back in time for Weber State and Ole Miss... but there's relevant reasoning as well.

It is important for Cal to show that they are ready to support their athletic programs. It does not seem like winning is a priority for them. We need changes defensively to bring hope back to the Cal family.

The late times were a problem, but its not really up to Cal... but ideally they can make some noise in the Pac-12 meetings (those exist right?) and have the TV contracts changed to maybe have a maximum of 7:30 games one team can have... or maybe a cap on consecutive 7:30 games. I don't think a ban on late TV starts is reasonable, but there was no reason for Cal to not have any 12:30 games at home this season. Maybe a minimum of noon-1 kickoffs would be nice as well.

Andy Johnston: As a season ticket-holder for as long as I can remember this crappy season won't change anything. Renew regardless of record.

TwistNHook: Cal has been doing this to me since a Clinton was in office. Why stop now?