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What changes are you expecting from Cal football this offseason?

What are the changes do you think that should be made once the season ends? What are the changes do you think that will be made once the season ends?

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ragnarok: I imagine Sonny will get another year to attempt to overhaul the defense into something that can give his typically prolific offense a chance to win some games, although the bold call now would be to recognize that, in the big picture Sonny is probably not the guy who is going to get this program competing for the North Division regularly. Which is too bad, because I otherwise think quite highly of him.

Andy Johnston: New defensive coordinator, new defensive line coach. Keep Burns. Hire Charlie Strong as a replacement for Sonny Dykes should he bounce and create an identity for our 2017 team to buy into.

boomtho: I'm about 50/50 on this. Part of me, the part that likes stability and continuity and recognizes Sonny is a good guy that has engineered a great academic turnaround, wants to give him one more chance by allowing him to clean house defensively.

However, the other part of me that wants Cal to be a contender (just a contender!!), thinks Sonny reached his ceiling last year and there's pretty limited additional upside to keeping him around. Also, this part of me believes that cleaning house defensively still doesn't restock the defensive talent pipeline and that it's going to be pretty darn difficult to take this defensive group of players and mold them into an average defense.

Berkelium97: After four years we have enough data to suggest that Sonny Dykes' teams will typically hover around 4-6 wins. With a #1 draft pick at QB and a not-terrible defense we were able to climb as high as 8 wins, which is increasingly looking like the ceiling under Dykes. I am certainly not content with merely contending for bowl eligibility while consistently finishing near the bottom of the division and regularly getting blown out by our in-state rivals. As such, I think it's time to move on to a different head coach. There are plenty of great candidates out there this year: PJ Fleck, Chip Kelly, Les Miles, and more.

What I think is more likely, however, is that Sonny Dykes will remain but he will re-shuffle the defensive staff. Based on Dykes' previous defensive coordinator hires, I am not particularly optimistic about our chances of substantial improvement with his new DC. And with next year's brutal schedule we will probably stumble to 3 or 4 wins at which point we will ask ourselves this same question again. Let's avoid all that and save a wasted year by replacing him this offseason.

Kevin Wu: Get a new defensive staff. Figure out how to get better linemen (both sides of the ball) talent and coaching. Stop going for grad transfer QBs and develop the guys we have in-house.