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Sonny Dykes is now 9–26 against the Pac-12, 0–11 against the California rivals

That and more ignominious records being set.

NCAA Football: California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Sonny Dykes has now coached Cal for four seasons—and has won a grand total of nine games against Pac-12 competition (0–9 in 2013, 3–6 in 2014, 4–5 in 2015, 2–6 with one game remaining in 2016). Only four of those wins came against Pac-12 teams that qualified for bowl games.

Dykes’s 9–26 mark matches up similarly to the infamous reign of Tom Holmoe, who went 9–23 in his first four years at Cal.

Sonny Dykes has lost all 11 match-ups against the California rivals USC, Stanfurd and UCLA since arriving in Berkeley. Dykes has only realistically had a chance to win maybe two of those games (UCLA 2014, USC 2015). Dykes will have a chance to avoid 0–12 this upcoming Saturdays.

Most striking is how noncompetitive Cal has been against their chief rivals in Stanfurd. Dykes has lost by two touchdowns or more in every single Big Game (63–13 in 2013, 38–17 in 2014, 35–22 in 2015, 45–31 in 2016) and was trailing by three scores or more in each Big Game 4th quarter. Cal hasn’t lost four Big Games in a row by double digits since the days of Marv Levy in the 1960s.

Dykes joins Tom Holmoe as the only Cal coaches to lose their first four Big Games in a row.

Dykes’s record against winning teams has now dropped to an appalling 5–25 (both ASU and Texas dipped under .500 this week). Cal is only 1–5 against winning teams in 2015.

For all the talk of the high-octane Cal offense, Cal has not broken 31 points against a winning Pac-12 team this year. Cal has put up 28 against Utah, 24 against USC, 27 against Washington, 21 against Washington State, 31 against Stanfurd (and that last touchdown came in extended garbage time).

As for the defense? Cal has allowed 30 points or more in 39 of 48 games, 40 points or more in 27 games, 50 points or more in 10 games, and 60+ points in five games. Cal has allowed 30 points or more in 10 of 11 games this year and 40 points or more in nine of 11.