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Golden Blogs Pick-Em Week 12: Big Week including The Big Game

The Big Game is here! Who has Cal? There’s also “big games” happening, including one between the first place teams in the North and South. Our insight awaits!

NCAA Football: Colorado at Washington State
Colorado/WSU in Pullman last season. This year it is in Boulder.
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

As the season is winding down and finals are just around the corner... Big Game Week is here! Tomorrow we will be heading to Memorial Stadium looking for a big time upset of the Stanford Cardinal. There’s also multiple games with Pac-12 Championship implications including Washington State and Colorado. Which games will you be watching? Well, before you do, our Golden Blogs writers have selected who they think will win (with the spread) and hopefully this will provide some insight into this weekend’s events. And also give you an idea of what picks to make if you’re in Nevada!

First, here’s our results from last week.

Week 11 results

A lot of success last week, although the USC upset of Washington caught almost everyone off guard. As #2, #3, and #4 went down last week, no one called Iowa or Pittsburgh in the Upset of the Week category.

Onto this weeks picks! provides the lines, with some adjustments. I noted a few big changes in the lines between Tuesday and Thursday.

Double digit lines are a theme this week, once again.


SATURDAY 11AM on Pac-12 Network, Oregon, Mountain

Utah (home team) is a 13.5 point favorite here (14.5 today), Over/Under of 70.5
Oregon/Utah picks

All but one has Utah winning big against Oregon.

Nik Jam: Generous line. I don't think Oregon will be in it at halftime.

Piotr T Le: Utah is going to feast.

Ruey Yen: Utah's got a lot at stake in this one.

boomtho: Oregon appears to be a mess right now. Taking the under because I assume Utah's offense is slightly less explosive than USC's.

Berkelium97: Oregon has nothing to play for anymore, so Utah should cruise to victory.



Colorado (home team) is a 4.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 59.5

This may very well be the game of the week, but unfortunately many of us will probably not be paying attention to it much. Despite Colorado being at home, only Ruey thinks the Buffs will win by at least 5, with the rest seeing a Coug win.

Nik Jam: Rooting for Colorado, but I wouldn't be surprised if Washington State stuns the Pac-12 world here.

Piotr T Le: Go and conquer you pirate

Ruey Yen: When in doubt, go with the home team.

boomtho: Probably biasing on small sample sizes, but I saw CU (vs Furd) and was not THAT impressed, especially by the offense, and I was quite impressed by WSU.

Berkelium97: As much as I want the Cougs to win, I think Colorado's stifling pass defense will lead the Buffs to victory.


SATURDAY 2:30PM on Pac-12 Network, Bay Area

Cal (home team) is a 10.5 point UNDERDOG here (11 today), Over/Under is 63.5
Big Game Picks

And we have a 50/50 split between a Cal upset (or cover) and a Stanford victory. Who here is hopeful?

Nik Jam: The defense will probably give up around 40 to McCaffrey and company. Cal will obviously not win if they have an offensive showing like they did against the Washington schools. If the O can show up and bring back some of the magic they showed against Texas and Oregon, it will be enough to win in my optimistic viewpoint.


Nam Le: no

(That may have been an answer to my question in the Google Doc “Are you hopeful?” or my request for everyone to leave a comment for this game.)

Ruey Yen: No way I am picking Furd for the Big Game. I do have a decent cushion in the overall standing too.

boomtho: If we'd been playing the way we did in the first half of the season, would be rolling with Cal and the over. But, the offense is banged up, the defense is banged up ^2, and Furd is depressingly rounding into form.

PerryScope: Not hopeful but you never know

Berkelium97: Rain. Healthy McCaffrey. Bad run defense. DOOM.



Washington (home team) is a 26.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 59.5
Arizona State/Washington picks

Despite the high line, a fair amount of the group thinks Washington will win by the required 27 points to cover.

Nik Jam: Washington will be reeling from last week's loss. I think it will be a grinder to stave off ASU.

Ruey Yen: Washington with a bounce back statement game here.

boomtho: UW is gonna want to put the hurt on SOMEONE after last week - ASU will fit the bill nicely.

Berkelium97: UW passes for 400+ against the worst pass defense in the country.


SATURDAY 7:30PM on Pac-12 Network, Arizona, Oregon

Oregon State (home team) is a 6.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 61.5
Arizona/Oregon State picks

Yes, we have to pick this game too. Arizona and Oregon State play the battle of last place teams. Hey, if there’s one piece of inspiration, last year the worst game was Colorado vs. Oregon State, and look where Colorado is now! Anyway, 6 of 8 choose Oregon State.

Nik Jam: If Cal couldn't win at Oregon State, it will be really insulting if Arizona does it. So I'm going to say that won't happen.


Ruey Yen: Battle of the cellar dweller here - I'll reluctantly take the home team.

boomtho: Honestly? Saw OSU favored, gut reaction is to take the other side.

Berkelium97: Pillow fight!

#13 USC @ UCLA


UCLA (home team) is a 10.5 point UNDERDOG here (13 today). Over/Under is 51.5
USC/UCLA picks

Everyone but Ruey has the Trojans winning by at least 11.

Nik Jam: Sorry Bruins, just don't see it.

Ruey Yen: I'm taking UCLA withe points here. It will actually be an easier game for Cal next week should the Bruins lose here.

boomtho: Expect a comfortable USC win.

Berkelium97: This will be the loss that spurs WHOLESALE REGIME CHANGE.


Kansas State -2.5 @ Baylor
Miami FL -3 @ NC State
Texas Tech -3 @ Iowa State
Northwestern -1 @ Minnesota
Virginia Tech +1 @ Notre Dame
Arkansas +2 @ Mississippi State
#8 Oklahoma -2.5 @ #10 West Virginia
Wild Card: Lock of the Week

A solid variety here as Miami and Texas Tech each have two picks while four teams get one pick.

Nik Jam: At home against a very poor defense. Iowa State should pull it off.

Piotr T Le: Oklahoma man by association. BOOMER SOONER!

Ruey Yen: (Texas Tech) Air Raid for the win!

boomtho: (Texas Tech) Haven't even considered ISU football in years, that's my only basis for this


#23 Florida (13.5 point underdogs @ #16 LSU) [3]
Houston (13.5 point underdogs vs. #5 Louisville) [3]
Missouri (16 point underdogs @ Tennessee) [3]
Maryland (18 point underdogs @ #18 Nebraska) [3]
Syracuse (21 point underdogs vs. #17 Florida State) [3]
Michigan State (22 point underdogs vs. #2 Ohio State) [3]
Indiana (23.5 point underdog @ #3 Michigan) [3]
Kansas (24 point underdogs vs. Texas) [3]
Rutgers (27.5 point underdogs vs. #9 Penn State) [4]
Texas-San Antonio (27.5 point underdogs @ #25 Texas A&M) [4]
Purdue (28 point underdogs vs. #7 Wisconsin) [4]
Buffalo (34.5 point underdogs @ #14 Western Michigan) [4]
The 12 underdogs here lose [2] (Yes, I increased this to two points because it hasn't happened yet this season)
Wild Card: Upset of the Week

Kansas, Florida, and Missouri each get two picks. No upset also has two.

Nik Jam: (Kansas) Texas is due to give us another reason to laugh at them.

Ruey Yen: I did a summer program at Florida back in high school (around the Wuerfell era...yep, I'm old), I may have gotten brainwashed.


Beat. Stanford. See you all the Bonfire Rally and the game!

Go Bears! And as may be needed after the game, Beers.