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The Stanford Band will not be out on the field for the 2016 Big Game

San Francisco Prepares For Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

Some of us have had a bit of a rough week. Well, thankfully, we have a sliver of good news for Saturday’s game against Stanford. There will be no Stanford Band in any capacity involved in this week’s 2016 Big Game.

The Stanford Band is still dealing with self-imposed penalties for hazing, alcohol violations and reportedly sexual explicit and offensive acts. It is unclear if the latter refers to the very existence of the Stanford Band.

The Axe Committee will be in attendance with the Axe, and provided the most hilarious quote of the year.

Another Axe Committee member, Marissa Luna, added, "Without them there at the football game, it will be a little bit sad. But I know that our school spirit will definitely make up for it."

The band has given their transportation money to help transport Stanford students to the game. This should approximately increase Stanford attendance by a few dozen confused vagrants.

Here is the usual tradition involving the Stanford Band in Berkeley.

  • They get on the field
  • They make noise
  • They are mercilessly booed and yelled at
  • They continue to make noise
  • Sometimes they get run over by a Cal football player in the greatest football play of all time.

Some traditions are better left dissolved.

Cal fans, your thoughts on there being no Stanford Band for Saturday’s Big Game?