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What are your Cal basketball preseason predictions?

Editor’s note: This was written before Cal’s first game of the season.

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

What are your final season predictions for Cal basketball, regular season, conference standing, and tournament wise?

Nick Kranz: Cal finishes 11-2 in the non-conference schedule, then 12-6 in conference. That's a solid 23-8 record that would likely earn Cal somewhere between a 3-6 seed, depending on how Cal's strength of schedule ends up shaking out.

As for the post-season - it's a fool's errand to predict that even when you know which teams Cal would face. But there's no reason to expect Cal to perform differently than the average team in that seed range, right?

Important caveat: Please stay healthy, Bears.

boomtho: 4th in the conference, a couple really impressive grind it out wins offest by 1-2 really frustrating losses in which we can't generate any offense, a win in the Pac-12 tourney, a top 12 seed in the NCAA tourney. I'm on the fence about whether we can win a tourney game.

Nik Jam: I want to be cautious about this season because of the losses of Jaylen, Jordan, and Ty. I think we should compete and have a good season, but I don't think we'll get a #4 seed again.

10+ wins in conference play. A First round bye in the Pac-12 tournament, a #7-10 seed in the tournament and at least one NCAA win.

Ruey Yen: I think the regular season may have its ups and downs, but Cal Men's Basketball will somehow make its way onto the 2nd weekend of the NCAA tournament, for the first time in a long long time. Ultimately, that is what most casual fans will remember and be the kind of national exposure that we expect after landing guys of the calibers of Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb.

Kevin Wu: I expect Cal to be just good enough to make the tournament, and then lose in the 1st round (just like last year, except we have even less overall talent this year). In the conference, I expect Arizona, Oregon, and UCLA to finish ahead of Cal. If Cal slips up, I wouldn't be surprised to see teams like Utah or Colorado move ahead of Cal.