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Cal has given up the most points in college football in 2016

Not a recipe for success.

NCAA Football: California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Cal gave up the most points in program history in 2013. The 551 points the Bears conceded (second worst in the nation by points per game) didn’t feel like a record that could ever be touched. Cal’s second worst scoring defense in program history (sixth worst in the nation by points per game) a year later gave up 477 points.

That ignominious record is in danger in 2016.

Cal has conceded 456 points through ten games, which is the worst mark in college football (Oregon is next-to-last, conceding 435 points overall). If Cal stays on pace and gives up 45 to 46 points a game in their final two games, the Bears would give up 548 points, putting them shy of that 551 point mark.

However, given that the Cal defense has conceded 47, 49, 45, 66, and 56 points in the last five games, and has only surrendered less than 40 points twice, that estimate is probably on the more optimistic outlook.

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