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This week on the Bearcast: Cal vs USC redux, the Bears rough schedule further explored

Rob and Andy examine the brutal Bears schedule to date and look ahead to Washington for another Pac-12 game after dark

NCAA Football: California at Southern California
Hello Billy!
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

This week on the Bearcast we relive the USC game that wasn’t and talk over Larry Scott’s comments about academics/scheduling. We take a look at some highlights around college football and the Pac-12 this past weekend as well as look forward to hosting Washington next Saturday. Take a look at the schedule below:

Top three takeaways from the weekend

  • Andy: Wisconsin vs Nebraska, TCU vs Texas Tech, Cal’s late start times and the Larry Scott interview
  • Rob: Virginia vs Louisville, Michigan vs Michigan State, Washington State is ranked!?

The Recap: Cal loses to USC 45-24

  • Stats
  • Favorite moments
  • Nightmare moments
  • What we did well
  • What we did poorly

Pac-12 game of the week

  • Andy: Washington vs Utah
  • Rob: Washington State vs Oregon State

Looking Ahead: Cal vs Washington

  • Line: Washington -17
  • X factor for the game
  • Who do we need to watch out for on defense/offense
  • Prediction

Pac-12 games to watch

  • Andy: Oregon vs USC
  • Rob: UCLA vs Colorado


  • Cal needs to get a forward or center. Troy Brown watch begins


  • See you at Memorial Saturday night!