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WATCH: Oregon brought their own collapsible porta-potty to the Cal game

Phil Knight continues to innovate in amazing ways.

The Oregon portable urinal!
Peter Symonds

The Oregon Ducks have a wealthy benefactor. This helps with many things in life, like having millions of dollars to spend on state-of-the-art facilities, top-notch technology, the best sports science out there. And uniforms! So, so many uniforms.

Sometimes, the Ducks get a taste of that 1% lifestyle. Meet the Oregon Duck mobilepotty.

This is an actual thing that exists.

Apparently multiple Ducks (players and coaches) took bathroom breaks during the game. Bear Territory did the right thing and cheered them on all the way.

However, all jokes aside, Cal fans have to thank Uncle Phil for his prudent advice. When Oregon tied the game near the end of regulation, some Ducks people were saying Oregon should go for two and the win. Knight (who probably holds the fate of the Oregon staff in his hands) advised otherwise.

Who knows how different things could’ve been. Thanks to you Uncle Phil. You have an amazing toilet and we owe you a partial assist for this Cal victory!