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Cal vs. Utah postgame quotes: Defense told Sonny Dykes on final stand, ‘We got this.’

Utah v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Full postgame quotes from both Cal and Utah players available at

Cal coach Sonny Dykes

On Cal's reaction during the last six plays of the game: "Those guys just kept hanging in there. The players just kept saying, 'Coach, we got this. We got it. We got you.' They just kept telling me that over and over again. Again, you've got to give them credit for believing in themselves. Again, six cracks inside the 10, to not let Utah in the end zone just shows their character and how hard they work."

On Cal not calling a timeout during the last six plays of the game: "We talked about it. I talked to Art (Kaufman) about it. We had a 1:40 [left on the clock].We almost called a timeout because we thought at that point, if we use our timeouts we might get the ball back with some time. You don't know how it's going to unfold. I don't know if we would've gotten it back with anytime since we had the pass interference call and that gave them a new set of downs. That was just sort of the way we played it out. I talked to Art about it and talked to Spav (offensive coordinator Jake Spavital) about it, and we said 'Hey we're going to get this stop.' Art told me, 'We're going to get this. We're going to hold them out. I think we'll put the pressure on them if we play it out this way.' He was right."

Cal quarterback Davis Webb

Cal wide receiver Demetris Robertson

On watching and learning from older guys on team: “I watch Chad every day. I watch his technique, the way he works the defender and different techniques that he uses. He's not the number one receiver in the country for no reason. He works really hard at what he does and I want to be just like that.”

Cal defensive lineman James Looney

On Coach Dykes not calling timeouts and putting full faith in the defense: “I loved it. Just like I said earlier on in the week, at the end of the day great defense wins championships. Look at what the Denver Broncos did last year in the Super Bowl. Playing great defense gets you a long way. I loved that Coach put the faith in us, and he always has, it's not a new thing. He just told us to go out there and play, and he knew we were playing well and we came through.”