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Cal vs. Utah video highlights: Chad Hansen & Demetris Robertson score twice, defense closes deal

Go Bears!

Utah v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Cal held the ball for under 20 minutes against Utah. In just over the last 41 minutes, the Cal offense had the football for just under 9 minutes. Cal had the football for 8:51 of the final 41:08. Ponder that.

Cal had a grand total of zero red zone trips. Utah outscored Cal 20-0 in the red zone and lost.

How did Cal win? Clutch defense and explosive offense.

Here are the highlights from the narrow 28-23 victory.

Cal started off the scoring with a quick strike first drive, with Davis Webb connecting with Chad ‘Biletnikoff’ Hansen for another one of his circus sideline catches to make it 7-0 Cal on a 40 yard catch.

Cal then forced Utah off the field and got another quick strike, this time Davis Webb finding Demetris Robertson for a 39 yard strike to make it 14-0.

After Utah ran off 17 unanswered points and held the ball for what seemed like 30 straight minutes, Cal struck right back with another fast score, this time Webb reconnecting with Hansen for 24 yards.

Cal seemed to put safe distance between themselves and Utah when Webb went deep to find Robertson for 56 yards to make it 28-17.

But Utah rallied, and in the end, it came down to the defense, and they made all the critical stops when it mattered. Seven defensive plays at the goal-line, and Cal held firm for the win, with Ray Davison, Khari Vanderbilt, and James Looney making the critical plays at the end! (Click here for more coverage of the goal-line stand and the ensuing celebration).