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WATCH: Cal goal-line stand and postgame celebration after upsetting Utah

Go Bears!

Utah v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Cal finished the game with one of the craziest goal-line stands you can possibly imagine. It wasn’t just one, not two, not three, but SIX goal-line stops that decided this game. Utah had 1st and goal at the nine with two minutes left, then 1st and goal at the two with 30 seconds remaining, and could not get past the Cal defense, with James Looney delivering the knockout blow.

Cal’s win probability dived from near 80 to 90 down to 10 to 15 back up to 100% in the fourth quarter.

Here’s the view of the finish from multiple angles inside Memorial Stadium, including most of the six plays.

Here’s the view from the stands.

Here’s the view from above.

Pandemonium erupted after the stop. Sonny Dykes jumped into his quarterback’s arms (yes you read that right).

The celebration continued with his family.

The hugs didn’t stop there.

The players went wild.

Time to celebrate through the weekend Cal fans! YOU KNOW IT!