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This week on the Bearcast: Bye week fun, hosting NFL networks James Koh!

We host NFL network guru James Koh and prepare for a huge game against Oregon Friday night.

Utah v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This week on the Bearcast NFL network fantasy football analyst James Koh stops by in a special segment recapping his time at Cal. As for the Cal related news, we talk over the surprise year in the Pac-12, what coaches are on the hot seat and expectations for the Oregon/Cal game this Friday. Take a look at the schedule below!


  • Top 10 wobbled a bit this week
  • Navy is ranked in the top 25

Football talk:

  • New Cal commits!
  • Recapping the weekend games
  • Other Pac-12 games upcoming this week

Oregon vs Cal:

  • Friday, 7:30pm at Memorial Stadium on ESPN
  • Cal is currently favored by three and the over/under is 87.5
  • What do we need to improve in the bye week?
  • Who is the X factor to look out for on Friday?
  • Who do we keep an eye on for Oregon?
  • Stat analysis at the halfway point
  • Prediction


  • Ira Lee to decide this week, somebody check to see if Rob is ok

Special Guest: James Koh

  • James joins Rob to talk the good old days at Cal and gets the inside scoop on fantasy football

*We had some internet lag during our interview recording so some audio parts may sound warbled.

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