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Cal basketball with new Jumpman shoes! Meet the new Jordan XXXIs!

Go Bears!

Cal basketball with Jordan XXXIs!
Cal Basketball

Ah. Fashion. You know it’s going to be a good day for CGB readers everywhere.

Cal is in its last year of its Nike contract, so the Bears are getting some swag on the way out before the transition to Under Armour. Cal basketball is getting some new Jumpmans on the eve of the 2016-17 season!

Cal basketball has always had some really nice jerseys over the term of their Nike contract. A look over the years at the type of gear the Golden Bears have put up.

Cal is on track to earn $86 million over 10 years from Under Armour, which far outextends the Nike contract, so the contract appears to be far more lucrative for the Bears. But it remains to be seen whether Under Armour will be able to put out nicer looking gear than what Nike has been able to offer over the years.

Cal fans, your thoughts on the new shoes?