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Golden Blogs Pick-em Week 7: No Cal, No Problem

After last week’s debacle. I think we need a break. Instead, lets see if our writers think Washington State is a real contender, Colorado can bounce back and whether Arizona State is for real!

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Stanford
Furd and Notre Dame in the 2015 regular season finale. They face off in Indiana tomorrow.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah I know. Cal lost last week in a stunner. Cal is also off this week. So what’s the point in caring about my silly little Staff picks Column? I’d like to think this week might be more relaxing with no Cal to worry about. We can hope for some more Schadenfurd. We can start feeling all excited for Colorado if they pull off another win. We can find out whether Washington State is the real deal or not (though that might not bode well for our game up there next month).

Now that hopefully I’ve still kept your attention, let us look at last week’s results!

Week 6 results

Obviously we all got the Cal game wrong. Sad! A lot of red all around, but a few people nailed the Washington State and Arizona State upsets... and we got some non-conference upset picks too! With yours truly having an awful week, the gap between first and worst is a little bit smaller. And also maybe you have a sense on who’s picks you should be trusting in the future...

Let’s get to the games! We actually have some day games too!



Arizona (home team) is an 8 point UNDERDOG. Over/Under is 64.
USC/Zona picks

Can USC keep its hot streak going on the road or will Arizona get their first win of the year? Six of our eight staff pickers think the Trojans will win by multiple possessions.

Nik Jam: Sorry Arizona, home team magic in the conference isn't enough to save you.

PerryScope: They're in a good rhythm offensively and had a good gritty win against a good Colorado team

Ruey Yen: USC may win this one but I see them struggling on the road to cover.

boomtho: Yep, I think AZ is not that good (despite the fact they pushed UW the hardest).

Berkelium97: USC should probably win, so they'll lose.


SATURDAY 1PM on Pac-12 Network, Mountain, Oregon

Oregon State (home team) is a 9.5 point UNDERDOG. Over/Under is 48.5
Utah/OSU picks

Even after Oregon State got the upset victory over Cal last week, it is all Utah from our staff.

Nik Jam: Cal's loss is going to look even worse when the Beavers aren't competitive against Utah.

PerryScope: Oregon State is a fluke that's it.

Ruey Yen: I am surprised that the line is as small as it is.

boomtho: Utah is favored LESS than we are, which of course means they're going to blow them out.

Berkelium97: After last week's fiasco, you better believe Utah will take Oregon State seriously.



Stanfurd (road team) is a 3 point UNDERDOG. Over/Under is 54.
Furd/ND picks

Notre Dame is stumbling so bad that even our biased crew don’t think they stand much of a chance against a Card team that has been blown out two straight games. Only boomtho has the Fighting Irish.

Nik Jam: I think Notre Dame is slightly more hapless than the Cardinal, but it should be a close low-scoring game.

Piotr T Le: Team Meteor

PerryScope: Both programs on off years. Meh [My comment in the Google Form - NJ] is right.

Ruey Yen: Picking the Furdies only because the Irish have lost two of their three home games so far.

boomtho: fuck furd tho

Berkelium97: furd bounces back on the road.


SATURDAY 5PM on Pac-12 Network, Arizona, Mountain

Colorado (home team) is a 13.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 60.
ASU/Colorado picks

In a battle of two Cinderellas, Arizona State gets the edge based solely on the high spread for the Buffs. Also, come on, Colorado has exceeded expectations and they can still only get Pac-12 Network games?

Nik Jam: Home team magic will work for Colorado.

PerryScope: Depends on their QB situation, but with Manny Wilkins I'll take +13.5 without I'll take -13.5. Is that okay lol. [Yes, it is]

Ruey Yen: I think Colorado will win this one but by only about 10 points.

boomtho: 13.5 is just too many points for me to be comfortable with. still think CO wins.

Berkelium97: Colorado will win, but I don't think it will be a two-TD margin.



At the time I sent out the Google Form, VegasInsider did not have a line for this game. So I posted it without a spread and made my own over/under. Washington State is actually a 5 point favorite.

Despite leaving out the 5 points for UCLA, we have an even 50/50 on who they think will win the game. It does look like Josh Rosen is going to play.

Nik Jam: UCLA has not looked good on the road this year.

PerryScope: UCLA will finally wake up.

Ruey Yen: I see a letdown game for the Cougs.

boomtho: Let's say I'm taking UCLA +5 --> but if it's straight up, I'm taking WSU [Should I give it to him if the Bruins lose by 4???]

Berkelium97: Not even the rain will slow down the Cougs enough to give UCLA a chance.


Mississippi State +7.5 (@ BYU)
Texas Tech +1 (@ #20 West Virginia
)#16 Miami FL -6.5 (@ North Carolina)
#10 Nebraska -4 (@ Indiana)
#1 Alabama -13 (@ #9 Tennessee)
#12 Mississippi -7.5 (@ #22 Arkansas)
Wild Card: Lock of the Week

A wide variety of picks here! Tennessee and Alabama each get two picks... and since they’re playing each other we’re bound to get different results there. Nebraska also gets a pair of picks.

Nik Jam: Tennessee will keep it close as they've done all season.

Piotr T Le: 'Bama!!!!!! RAWL THAIHD!!!

PerryScope: They're (Nebraska) an under the radar team in a conference that is talking about Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin

Ruey Yen: Going with the Mountaineers because their uniform looks like the Bears' is a stupid reason but I can't come up with a better one.

boomtho: Indiana lost to Wake Forest, Nebraska is undefeated. 4 pts feels really, really low, without knowing any of the relevant news about the game.


Iowa State (13.5 point underdog @ Texas) [3]
Vanderbilt (14 point underdog @ Georgia) [3]
N.C. State (17.5 point underdog vs. #3 Clemson) [3]
Fresno State (17 point underdog vs. San Diego State) [3]
UConn (19.5 point underdog vs. South Florida) [3]
Syracuse (19.5 point underdog vs. Virginia Tech) [3]
Tulsa (21.5 point underdog @ #13 Houston) [3]
Bowling Green (30 point underdog vs. Toledo) [4]
Duke (35.5 point underdog vs. #7 Louisville) [4]
Missouri (13.5 point underdog @ #18 Florida) [3]
The 10 above teams, and "OTHER"s, lose.
Wild Card: Upset of the Week

We’ve had an upset every week so far this season... and Iowa State beating Texas is the popular pick this time.

Ruey Yen: Although Iowa State is only 1-5, they came close to beat Baylor and OK state in the past two weeks.

boomtho: Picking blind here - most name value for Missouri


Enjoy your weekend, maybe take advantage of the free Saturday (I guess technically the next three weeks are free Saturdays...) and go on a nice trip! I’m doing that myself.

And of course, let us know in the comments and on Twitter your picks!