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Cal in the NFL: Week 5

Lorenzo Alexander continues to shine

Lorenzo Alexander is having a monster year. He currently leads the NFL with 7.0 sacks in front of Super Bowl MVP Von Miller. Alexander had one of his best career games this week recording 7 tackles and 3 sacks, helping the Bills get pass the Rams.

"No, but I cannot say enough good things about that guy," center Eric Wood said. "As a football player, as a Christian, as a husband, as a dad, I mean, he's a role model to me and to a lot of guys on the team. To see a guy with three sacks make a huge play on a kickoff. He's selfless. He's a selfless player and he's extremely valuable to us."

Marvin Jones is back on top the NFL leading receiver charts at 519 yards. He racked up 39 yards and a touchdown to help the Lions knock off the previously unbeaten Eagles.

Desean Jackson also had a nice week for the Redskins, picking up 35 yards through the air and a 27 yard pass play that was the longest Washington play from scrimmage. This past week Jackson did an interview with Bleacher Report, give it a read here.

Alex Mack has had a great season so far at center for the Falcons. Providing crucial run support and pass protection has helped the Falcons jump out to a 4-1 start.

Aaron Rodgers threw for two touchdowns, helping the Packers beat the Giants and move within a game and a half of the Vikings.

What was arguably the best part of the weekend is Rodgers finally representing Cal.

Brandon Mebane recorded his first career interception this week, as the Chargers fell to the Raiders. Mebane was mic’d up for the game providing some laughs.

Go Bears!