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This week on the Bearcast: The Meltdown in Corvallis

We catch up about the week that was in college football and talk over what happened to the Bears up north.

Utah v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This week on the Bearcast we take a long look at what went wrong against Oregon State and what the rest of the season looks like. We also talk over our expected wins going forward and what Cal should do to avoid any late season disappointment. Take a look at the schedule below:


  • Weekend highlights
  • FSU wins on a blocked PAT
  • Michigan drops 78 points against Rutgers and shuts them out

Football Talk:

  • Cal vs OSU: Cal loses 47-44.
  • Stats, favorite moments, nightmare moments, what we did well, what we did poorly and adjustments for Oregon
  • Other Pac-12 games this week and upcoming games for the bye week


  • Ira Lee tweets out cryptic tweet with him in a Cal jersey
  • Jabri Abdur-Rahim, son of Shareef, gaining interest from college programs including Cal


  • Doomsday scenarios and potential coaching adjustments

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