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Stanford band offends Rose Bowl; Pac-12 should ban them again from road games like Big Game

Let's do this.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Stanford Band was not allowed to travel to any road games this year in 2015-16 due to misconduct of sorts, like 'hazing' and 'sexual misconduct' and 'existing'. They were confined to the Farm for 2015, and unfortunately Cal had to go to the Farm, so the Bears were not spared. Sadly, this ban is only a one year deal, so they will back at their usual doofusery next season.


So, for some reason, that ban did not apply to the Pac-12 championship game or the Rose Bowl, because "neutral site" and Rose Bowl didn't seem to think the Stanford Band would get too far out of line.

Au contraire.

Iowa was not pleased. The nation was not pleased.

The Rose Bowl was not pleased. They even issued a strongly worded statement of condemnation.

"The halftime performance was not in line with the values of the Rose Bowl Game, and we will be reviewing our policies and procedures with regard to future band performances," the Tournament of Roses said in a statement.

Since the performance can never be undone, I ask the Pac-12 to do the only reasonable thing that can be done in these circumstances:

Ban this band for another year. Keep these misfits out of Berkeley. Let the Cal band play uninterrupted for 15 minutes and everyone will go home happy.