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California Golden Blogs podcast! Episode 18 of the CGBearcast

The very special post-bowl game and in conference basketball episode!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the award winning Cal podcast that has never won an award. On this edition of the beautifully crafted Bearcast, Rob and I covered the most exciting part of the year, the post football season, among other things, which I I'0ll list below:

  • The positives and negatives of the game against Air Force
  • Our non-Goff MVPs for the bowl game
  • The Goff announcement of going pro
  • Where in the world will Jared Goff go? We hope for anywhere but Cleveland
  • Who will step up to replace Jared
  • The defensive resurgence of the basketball team
  • Kingsley Okoroh and Kameron Rooks, and their development
  • Rabb, Brown and Kristine Anigwe, freshmen wonders
  • And so much more