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WATCH: Jaylen Brown scores 27 points for Cal at Utah

Good news.

With Tyrone Wallace out, Jaylen Brown has become Cal's primary option on offense, and that could come in handy in March. Brown had a great game against Utah on Wednesday, one of the few bright points of a tough loss on the road in Salt Lake City. Brown kept Cal from being blown out with a very efficient and managed performance.

There are still plenty of wrinkles. Brown takes tough shots at times, turns the ball over a bit too much, and can occasionally hold the ball for too long. But he does do a lot of things that Cal needs, like attack the basket, get to the foul line, and force defenses to account for his presence at all times. If Cuonzo Martin figures out the best way for the Bears to utilize Brown, by the time Tyrone Wallace returns, his offensive skills will become super valuable for the Bears come March.