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Cal basketball ready for big away games against Utah and Colorado

Cal heads to Utah and Colorado this week in what is undoubtedly a huge series to bring the season and expectations back on track.

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Coach Cuonzo Martin and Kameron Rooks talked about their preparation and mentality going into 2 big away games. Here's what they had to say!

Key Coach Martin Quotes:

  • "Limit your turnovers. Make your free throws at atleast a 70% clip. Don't give up homerun plays. We just have to be aware and conscious when were on the floor."
  • "Our free throws will improve the more Jordan and Jabari get to the line. Those are our best shooters and they haven't been getting to the line as often as they should."
  • "Jaylen's a play-maker...As the season moves on he got better at making sound decisions... When Tyrone went down, he's one of the first guys I though could takeover. And I'm not saying he's a point guard but he's a basketball player, he's always been that. He knows how to make plays, knows how to read defenses, he understands whats going on."
  • "This is the way Jaylen is capable of playing."
  • "In Ivan's case, continue for us to try and get him the ball inside, and post up. But also to catch-and-shoot the 15/17 footer because he can make that shot and having the confidence to consistently shoot that ball."

Key Kameron Rooks Quotes:

  • "Jaylen at the point? I think it's great. He's doing a good job. He's doing a way better job of finding teammates. Especially our shooters."
  • "I'm working on my athleticism. I can dunk and finish. But I'm not really a dunker like that."
  • "Playing Kingsley is great. Playing against that and trying to find ways to score definelty helps. There aren't a lot of 7-Footers so to go up against them and then guys smaller makes it easier."
  • "Ivan's a great player. He's a great rebounder. I swear he's got glue in his hands."
  • "We need to bring it. WE can't just bring it because it's against a ranked team. We need to bring it every single game."
If you want to take a listen to the full press conference, take a listen below!

California Love. California Rising.