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Cal basketball & football podcast: Listen to episode 21 of the California Golden Bearcast

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Listen here for auditory excellence

Jabari missed last week's Bearcast. Ivan is consoling him
Jabari missed last week's Bearcast. Ivan is consoling him
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to episode 21 of the Bearcast, the only 5 star rated podcast on iTunes about Cal sports. On this fine episode, Rob and talked about a lot of Cal stuff. At one point an alarm went off from how much fire we were spitting, so you may hear that in the background. We talked about some specific things though, so here's the ones I remember

  • The end of the Tony Franklin era
  • Who might replace Tony?
  • Recruits
  • Too Many 'cruits
  • It was a big recruiting weekend, we covered the hell out of that
  • Tweeting at recruits
  • Basketball jones
  • Positive vs. negative fans
  • I didn't get to rip on Sean Miller
  • The struggles of the women's team
  • Our first talk of baseball
  • And much more!

So take a listen if you haven't done so yet, rate and subscribe on iTunes, and as always, Go Bears!