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Shrine Game & NFLPA Bowl live chat: Cal alum Bryce Treggs, Daniel Lasco, Kyle Kragen playing

Three Golden Bears are in action this Saturday!

Tom Pennington/Getty Images
Shrine Game, starring Cal running back Daniel Lasco

Time: 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern

TV: NFL Network

Online: NFL Video

Daniel Lasco has had a solid week of Shrine Bowl practice. He is impressing teams with his footwork. He still wants to show off what he can do with pass protection. And based on the videos that are leaking out, he's looking better in his mobility and agility than he did during his senior year, when he struggled due to injury.

NFLPA Bowl, starring Cal wide receiver Bryce Treggs and defensive end Kyle Kragen

Time: 3 PM Pacific, 6 PM Eastern


Online: WatchESPN

Bryce Treggs is getting started in his NFL journey, and he's already impressing scouts with the route-running and ability to gain separation from defensive backs. That precision will come in handy as more people keep on watching for what he can do.

Defensive end Kyle Kragen is also looking to distinguish himself. Keep an eye on both of them today as they're teammates for (probably) the last time on the National team!

Go Bears!