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Cal basketball a 10 seed in bracketology; Sam Singer ready to start with Tyrone Wallace out

The Bears are in need of course correction.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who don't know about the Bracket Project, it's this awesome site that collects all the bracketologies on the interwebs and collates them all into one master list. It's run by a Cal alum (check him on Twitter), and is probably the most accurate forecaster of the eventual NCAA tournament bids.

Check out how the 2015 forecast went out, where 66 of the 68 teams were predicted correctly, and 62 of 68 were predicted within one seed of their actual spot! Much better forecaster than most individual prognosticators. Aggregation rules the world.

Anyway, Cal is now taking a bit of a dive from original promising bracket forecasts. After dropping to Stanford, the Bears are now down to an aggregated 10 seed, joining Oregon State (10) and UCLA (11) as Pac-12 programs hugging the bubble spots in the tourney. The current projected 7 seeds are South Carolina, Butler, Indiana and Utah. It's probably an even matchup, although the winner draws North Carolina, Iowa, Michigan State or West Virginia.

It's still hard to say that the Bears should be in panic mode unless they get swept at home this week. There are currently 8 Pac-12 teams that would make the tournament (Arizona and USC both 4 seeds, Oregon a 5 seed, Utah a 7 seed, Colorado an 8 seed) and THREE more (Stanford, Arizona State, and Washington) that could generate any sort of buzz with a solid run of games. So there are no bad losses in the Pac-12 at this moment, aside from maybe going into Pullman and getting blown out.

The only way Cal can tank their resume is to start losing over and over again. I don't think the Bears are that inconsistent, and they seem to play much better at home, so with a prolonged stretch of games at Haas ahead, this might be the time for things to turn right.

What do you think?

Here are the weekly press conference videos from Cuonzo Martin, Jabari Bird and Sam Singer, as they react to the news that Tyrone Wallace will be out for at least a month or so.

Cuonzo Martin

  • "You lose a key guy like Tyrone, not an easy thing to transition. He is a tremendous leader- a presence from a guy who is battle tested."
  • Sam Singer is ready to step up and excited for the opportunity. Brandon Chauca, you're the next guy in line so it's time to be ready."
  • "More than the production on the court, you hurt for the guy who came back for his senior season and to finish school."
  • "With adversity comes opportunity, so you have to be ready when it presents itself."

Jabari Bird and Sam Singer