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California Golden Bears podcast: Episode 20 of the Bearcast

20 is more than 19, which is the number we had last time

A Winner is You
A Winner is You
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Good day to you all and welcome to the 20th edition of the California Golden Bearcast! On this lovely, groundbreaking episode, we discussed a plethora of topics, some which I remember, more that I don't. It was entertaining all the way through, so give it a listen. We touched on:

  • The backloaded portion of Cal's 2016 schedule
  • Recruiting and the gains made recently
  • Taking recruits to Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Impermissible benefits of winning prizes at Dave and Buster's on a recruiting trip
  • The sad times of Cal basketball
  • Barkad Abdi
  • How big of a moron Colin Cowherd is
  • What the hire of Hue Jackson could mean for Jared Goff
  • Harbaugh
  • And other fun tangents

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