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Aaron Rodgers throws more incredible Hail Marys, LeBron James & Steph Curry salute

That and more from Cal Twitter.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers had another one of those incredible moments as an NFL pro, dragging a pretty average Green Bay Packers team to the cusp of the NFC Championship by launching his arm into the stratosphere. Obviously it didn't end with a win, but Rodgers can't play defense or control coin flips unfortunately--thanks asinine NFL overtime rules.

How remarkable was that final minute?

  • Rodgers led his team down the field with two game-saving Hail Marys. One on 4th and 10 from his own end zone, the other, on the final play of the game to send Green Bay vs. Arizona to overtime.

  • Those two throws totalled 101 yards. Aaron Rodgers led a 101 yard drive to tie the game in just under a minute. Aaron Rodgers threw two Hail Marys in one football drive to save the game.

  • It's Rodgers's second successful Hail Mary to end a football game this season. This one sadly didn't involve Richard Rodgers.

  • Aaron was not even looking downfield because of the pressure he was receiving from a full on blitz.
What an incredible football player.

Here is how the world reacted to yet another insane Rodgers moment.

Aaron's Cal teammates

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