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NFL mock drafts put Jared Goff on the Cleveland Browns


Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With Cal great Jared Goff now officially declared for the NFL Draft, it's time to kick into overdrive on Jared's journey to the league. Which team will look for a new franchise quarterback this season?

Early results are in...and it's sounding like the Cleveland Browns! The Browns are in constant turmoil, are about to ship Johnny Football to an Indian casino, are in need of a quarterback, have two potential Cal alum offensive linemen in Mitchell Schwartz and Alex Mack (if they stay in free agency), and generally need something good and talented in their life. So why not Goffense?

Mel Kiper's mock has Goff going to the Browns.

SB Nation has this to say about Goff to the Browns with the 2nd overall pick.

Johnny Manziel's time in Cleveland is basically done, and he never really gave good enough reason to keep him around. Once again the Browns are starting anew. What better way to do it than with a quarterback? Of the many glaring needs on the Browns, quarterback is the most obvious and important. Goff is ready for the NFL from a mental standpoint and has solid athleticism.

Sports Illustrated is thinking along the same wavelength.

So much for my theory that Johnny Manziel would straighten up and earn a shot at the '16 starting gig. The thought of taking another QB this high probably makes Browns fans nauseous, but if Manziel is out, the revamped front office has to accept it. Goff is the draft's best QB prospect and could compete early.

If this keeps up, soon Goff will become the most popular athlete in Cleveland, surpassing Matthew Dellavadova in record time.

Obviously, Cleveland is a graveyard of NFL dreams, so you can't be too thrilled at the thought of Goff being hailed  as the next savior of the Browns, but sometimes we're dealt the hand we get, and we have to make do with it.

What are your thoughts?