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Does Chip Kelly to the 49ers mean Jared Goff no longer a San Francisco draft target?

Could the 49ers pass on another promising Cal QB in the NFL Draft again?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Congrats to Niners Nation! You have a real NFL coach again now that the San Francisco 49ers have gone with Chip Kelly.

The big question now for Cal fans: Will Jared Goff now still be the big fish for the 49ers to try and land in the draft if he's available? Or will Chip now hitch his wagons to the quarterback he actively wanted to bring to the Eagles?

I don't keep up as much with the NFL, so I'm not always certain as to what is good or what is bad.  However, I do know Chip Kelly, and I do know that the type of quarterback he's wanted in the league was the 49ers starting quarterback the last few seasons. Colin Kaepernick provides mobility, a cannon for an arm, knows how to run at tempo, and can execute the zone read principles that made Kelly's offenses so deadly at Oregon. Could Kelly revive San Francisco?

Goff is not Kaepernick. He might be a better pure passer and knows how to hit his marks, but he's never going to take off for 15-20 yards on a scramble. After seeing mainly pocket passers flop in Philadelphia the last few years, you'd imagine Kelly wants to roll with Kap and see what he's got so he can run the system he always wanted to bring to the league?

There are several months between now and the draft though, so things can change. But for now San Francisco fans, there's a decent chance you might be passing on another Cal quarterback should he come available.

What do you think about Goff's chances on the 49ers, and Chip as the new Niners coach?