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Cal basketball: Cuonzo Martin hoping Bears leap soon, Tyrone Wallace to stay aggressive

More from Cuonzo, Ivan, and Tyrone.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Cuonzo Martin

  • On Sam Singer: "A lot of times, we like to take Tyrone off the ball just to get him moving. Sam has done a tremendous job of getting our shooters shots."
  • On Tyrone: "My thing with Tyrone- play the way you play. The thing I always say to him is to make the right play- the right decision."
  • On Jabari Bird: "Jabari puts the work in, and spends a lot of time on his game. He needs to stay confident for us to do what we want to do."
  • On keys to the game: "Limit turnovers, limit key breakdowns in critical situations, box out, and make your free throws at 70% or more."
  • On winning on the road: "You have to be mentally locked in from start to finish to win on the road."
  • On team making the leap: "This is probably the last stretch where you can really make that jump."

Tyrone Wallace

  • On Singer: "Sam adds a different element to our team, he's able to push the ball up and get it to everyone."
  • On style of play: "If I'm coming down the court, I'm looking to make a play for myself. ... I think you always have to be aggressive."
  • On beating the Trees: "Cal/Stanford is always a rivalry. We've got to come out and be aggressive; hit first. I expect it to be a battle."
  • On winning on the road: "We haven't done well on the road so far this season, so it's important for us to go out and get the road win tomorrow."
  • On facing zone defense: "I think we'll be fine."
  • On Rabb and Jaylen Brown: "They have their games where they do better than others. We have to improve as a team."

Ivan Rabb

  • On Stanford: "This is my 1st time playing Stanford, but I know there is a lot of history there. People are more tense- but I'm ready to play."
  • On Oregon: "Oregon, I wasn't really as focused as normal for some reason, and that's one of the reasons we lost that game."
  • On improving play on the road: "We need to improve our communication... it's the small things."
  • On physical play: "I don't want to get pushed around, ever again."