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Friday Night Lights, featuring Cal commit Melquise Stovall at the Army All-American Bowl!

How did Cal commit Melquise Stovall perform at the Army All-American Bowl?

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

While the Army All-American Bowl game is the feature attraction, there is an entire week of practices leading up to the big show in the Alamo City. Cal commit Melquise Stovall did not have the best of games as it pertains to running the ball, but he did contribute to the 37-9 victory for the West over the East.

In addition to the full week of practices there are also TV spots, apparently. Here is one for Adidas featuring the future Golden Bear.

The game itself was not overly exciting if you were looking for Stovall to be heavily involved. He carried the ball three times for a loss of two yards total. It wasn't really his fault. The offensive line got blown back severely on two of his three carries which meant that Stovall had no lane to run through.

He did produce a highlight reel play on special teams though.

Now that the game is out of the way, let's take a look at some video from the West team practices.

This first one features Stovall fielding a pitch from the quarterback and then running a normal inside run. Take a look at the offensive line as they practice blocking no one, just as they did for Stovall during the game.

Our friends from Stanfurd have a quarterback playing for the West team by the name of K.J. Costello. He finds Stovall on two different pass plays: one is a play-action pass to Stovall running a wheel route and the other is a shovel pass just beyond the line of scrimmage.

If Costello would like to continue throwing the ball to Cal players as he moves forward with his collegiate career then that would be fine with me. We could certainly use a few takeaways in The Big Game. Also, I was not overly impressed with Costello during the game. He noodle armed a couple of his deep throws.

Here is video of Stovall making a nice catch on a very low screen pass.

Then the West practiced some zone running with Ole Miss quarterback commit Shea Patterson joining Stovall in the backfield. Patterson, by the way, was electric during the Army All-American Bowl. He made some fantastic throws.

And, finally, the offensive line opened a nice hole for Stovall during practice while the West defense was actually on the field. *Cough cough* He could have used blocking like that during the actual game, guys, *cough cough*.

What do you guys think about Stovall? Is he the gem of the class like Ryan Bartow said in one of the tweets above or is there another commit you are more excited about?