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After the Brennan Scarlett fiasco, is Cal trying to avoid Pac-12 transfers?

One Cal player will not be allowed to transfer in the Pac-12.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

As has been mentioned before, California Golden Bears cornerback Cedric Dozier will graduate this spring and play his final year of eligibility at another program.

The interesting note for Cal is that Dozier has been denied the ability to transfer to another Pac-12 program. It's unclear if this will also be the case for fellow graduate transfers Michael Barton and Jeffrey Coprich, but this is the first time I can remember in the Sonny Dykes era that a player has been denied the ability to make a move within the conference.

This actually might have little to do with Dozier. It might have a lot more to do with Brennan Scarlett.

As you remember, Scarlett was involved in a rather heated transfer dispute last spring that did not go over well with Dykes. Scarlett was rumored to have been given the proper concessions to come back to Cal for his final year of eligiblity, but instead decided to take his ball and go to the Farm regardless.

After Stanford won the Rose Bowl, Scarlett's decisions might have cost future Cal players the luxury of Pac-12 transfers. With other former Cal players like Freddie Tagaloa at Arizona and Johnny Ragin at Oregon, Dykes can't be too thrilled with the lax policy of the university at allowing transfers within the conference. So perhaps one stipulation of his contract extension was harsher transfer policies that wouldn't force him to face off with former Cal players.

It'll be interesting to see if Dozier does try to appeal this somehow. For the best interests of all involved, I hope he doesn't and finds a good home in another conference.

Best wishes to him regardless. Dozier was a great Bear who converted to multiple positions to try and help the Bears during a crucial rebuilding period.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

UPDATE: If Dozier wanted to wait until after his graduation from Cal, he can choose to transfer to any Pac-12 school he likes.