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National Championship Live Chat: Clemson vs Alabama

Cal fans, who do you have winning the national championship?

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The college football season all boils down to this, Alabama vs Clemson.  It should be an incredibly fun game for all of us as we close the book on the 2015-2016 season. After today, we will be left checking our recruiting sources until spring ball, yet tonight we are all in for a treat.

Our old buddy Marc Tausend (aka ManBearCal) has a drinking game for you during the contest. CGB does not condone drinking, so theoretically count those drinks in your head! Here's the first part.


- Take one pinot sip every time the announcers speculate on Nick Saban going to the NFL.

- Enjoy one pinot sip and cringe every time Nick Saban yells at someone. (NOTE: You may die.)

- Wistfully take one pinot sip during any clips featuring Keith Jackson. WHOA NELLIE!

- Do one pinot sip and a catcall when the camera lingers on OR keeps panning back to the hot girlfriend of one of the star players for either team.

- Drink one pinot sip for any crowd shot of idiot fans from either team in body paint. Both are equally possible.

- Take one pinot sip and make a dismissive hand wanking motion for any video montage highlighting the "tradition" of these two programs.

- Sip one pinot... sip for every sideline shot of an injured star player intently clapping for his team.

- Ponder what would be created if these two mascots (an elephant and a tiger) successfully mated. Then take a sip. Or two. Your call.

- One pinot sip for every Geico commercial. (NOTE: This may also kill you.)

- Take one pinot sip for every genuinely funny "This is SportsCenter" commercial.

Who do you have taking it all?

Monday, Jan. 11

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CFP National Championship
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U. of Phoenix Stadium
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