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Instarecap: Cal basketball 79, Colorado 65

Go Bears!

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

It's New Year's Day, so this recap was written by someone who might not have written this in real-time.

Let's see how we do with the Cal basketball recap randomizer!

  • Tyrone Wallace had some big moments but might have struggled with decision making as a point guard.
  • Our defense had some lapses on the perimeter but held their own on the outside.
  • Ivan Rabb made us happy with his solid fundamentals.
  • Jaylen Brown showed off that incredible athleticism on some signature plays.
  • One or more of our stars sat on the bench a bit more than we liked due to some horrid officiating.
  • Our Golden Bears struggled to make free throws down the stretch, keeping this game closer than it should have been. Also our jump shooting is still a big question mark.
  • One of Jordan Mathews and Jabari Bird played really well. The other one had his troubles.
  • A veteran you wouldn't expect came up with surprising, significant contributions, which ended up being the difference!
  • The Bears don't have much time to recover before they get ready for the important Utah game, which is a big chance to boost their resume.
How many of these observations were correct from this recap?

Postgame press conference quotes coming soon.