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Jared Goff NFL Draft press conference: "I'm proud to call myself a Golden Bear for life."

Go Bears!

Jared Goff issued a full statement from his press conference declaring for the 2016 NFL Draft. It was wonderfully touching. He thanked a host of individuals, from his family, from Cal coaches like Sonny Dykes and Tony Franklin (the praise for Franklin is especially high), high school coaches from Marin Catholic, athletic director Mike Williams, Jeff Tedford and Marcus Arroyo for recruiting him, and of course most importantly, all of his Golden Bear teammates as well.

It's hard not to love Goff's final closing statement as well.

Here's the full statement from Goff:

After much deliberation with my family and close friends I've decided to forego my senior season at Cal and declare for the 2016 NFL Draft. This decision was not an easy one by any means. When you are a student-athlete at the No. 1 public university in the world and part of a tremendous football program it is really hard to postpone finishing school and getting your degree while playing one final season with your best friends. With that being said, I feel ready to take the next step in my football career and am excited about what the future holds.

Playing football and attending school at Cal has been by far the best experience of my life - from what I've learned in the classroom to the lifetime friendships and bonds I've made.

It would be nearly impossible to thank everyone I want to but I need to make sure to thank several people who have helped me get to this point and who I owe a lot of my success to. First is the Cal football family, community and fan base. The overwhelming amount of support I've received over the years has meant the world to me and I can't thank you all enough. Secondly, I want to thank coach Tedford and coach Arroyo for initially offering me a scholarship and recruiting me to Cal. I also want to thank our AD Mike Williams and our Associate AD Chris Pezman for all they have done for me since I've been here. Next I would like to thank the entire support staff and coaching staff for all they do for me and our team behind the scenes that no one really knows about. I want to thank everyone on the strength and training staff for working relentlessly with me to improve my strength and speed, help me rehab from my shoulder surgery two years ago, and develop an individual eating schedule to help me gain the weight I needed to over the past three years.

I also want to thank two of my high schools coaches - coach Maz and coach Munoz - for developing me and getting me ready for college.

I want to individually thank coach Dykes for continuing to recruit me, believing in me from the start and always sticking by my side through both the tough times and the great times. He's been there from the start with me and I feel as if we have gone through everything together. I want to thank coach Franklin for having a significant impact on my life from a football aspect as well as the overall life lessons he has taught me. I've never had a coach change my life and my outlook on things the way he has over the past three years. He has taught me so much about myself and has guided me through the process of being a Division I quarterback week in and week out. I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am now without these two coaches and appreciate everything they have done for me.

I would also like to thank my family and friends for their endless support over the past few years. I couldn't imagine having a better support crew. In particular I want to thank my dad, Jerry; mom, Nancy; and sister, Lauren, for always being there for me and helping me along this bumpy but amazing journey.

Lastly, and most importantly I want to thank my teammates. Over the last three years we have been through so much together and that has only brought us closer as I have formed lifelong friendships with so many of my fellow student-athletes on the team. These guys are my brothers and I owe everything to them as they have been one of well over 100 pieces of a puzzle just as I have been. As successful as I have been able to be here, none of it would've been possible without every single one of the guys in that locker room. I am so incredibly proud to be on this team with these guys and to be able to call myself a Golden Bear for life.

Accompanying statements from Cal head coach Sonny Dykes:

Cal offensive coordinator Tony Franklin:

Cal athletic director Mike Williams:

"One of the best parts about being AD here at Cal is that I have the opportunity to get to know, work with and interact with a group of incredibly gifted, bright and amazing young people, our student-athletes. One of those incredible young people is Jared. Jared, you should know that we're all proud of you, and we want to wish you nothing but the best of what promises to be a great career at the next level. On behalf of Cal Athletics and our university, I want to say thank you for representing us so well these past few years. Thank you for being such a great role model for so many. Thank you for playing such a pivotal role in turning our football program around. And thank you to your parents for raising a young man with tremendous character."