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California Golden Bearcast: Discussing Cal vs. Grambling State in episode 2 of the podcast

It's the second episode, we brought Avi on as our special guest

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The second episode of the California Golden Blogs Podcast is online (episode 1 here)! Trace, Avi and I talked about a myriad of topics, amidst a bit of technical difficulties. We talked about the following:

  • Thoughts on the Grambling game, who we liked and who we thought performed well.
  • The problems Cal faced and what it could mean going forward.
  • Thoughts on the upcoming matchup with San Diego State.
  • Potential dream guests for the podcast. Who would you eventually like to see on the Bearcast?
  • The painful Pac-12 week that just transpired and what some of it might mean for the Bears.
  • The Grambling band being fantastic, and Cal fans complaining about a host of other things.
  • #HoneyMustard David Davis, and the players most inspired by him on defense.
  • Why you should laugh at Stanfurd. There are so many reasons! Hi Desmond Howard!
  • Other fun stuff too.
  • Email us at if you have any questions for us and we'll answer it on the next podcast. You can also follow RobTrace, and Avi on Twitter, shoot us questions on anything Cal, and we'll answer them!

It's worth a listen. Take the time and send us a comment or tweet, we accept all criticism and compliments. We enjoy the compliments a bit more. Go Bears!