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Golden Nuggets: Cal vs. Grambling press conference video & quotes, including "I don't listen to no Taylor Swift!" -Kenny Lawler

Kenny Lawler and Jared Goff clearly have some onfield chemistry. During the press conference, he tells us what else they do (and don't) have in common.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Clapdoc is still reveling in victory after yesterday's blowout win, so I'm filling in.  Let's do this thang.

Water Polo

  • The no. 3 men's team opened the season with a 26-8 win over Cal Baptist and a 13-11, double-overtime thriller of a victory against no. 5 Pacific.

Field Hockey

Cross Country



Field Hockey



The game turned when: It was either the pick-six in the first quarter … or… the other pick six in the first quarter. Either way, the Tigers were already in a 35-0 hole before Cal fans were done trolling the Stanford boards.

Game highlights: