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Cal Football Fall Camp 2015: Chatting with Stephen Anderson, Daniel Lasco, Chris Borrayo

For the final set of interviews of the 2015 Cal preseason, I spoke with upperclass leaders Stephen Anderson (WR), Daniel Lasco (RB), and Chris Borrayo (OL). Look inside for the most notable quotes from our conversation...

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

CGB: How have this fall camp and preseason been going so far?

Anderson: "We've been grinding every day and encouraging each other… I definitely like our mindset this fall… We've been working on our technique, making sure our last play is as good as our first…"

Lasco: "All of us have been coming out here every day, trying to get better… We're ready to grind and get to where we want to go… This upcoming season is a marathon not a sprint…"

Borrayo: "It's been a lot more competitive this fall compared to the past three years… We've been a lot more sound - it's grimy, aggressive football, which I love… Every day we've been working & getting better…"

CGB: The team seems very confident this fall, would you say it's due to experience as well as competition?

Borrayo: "Confidence is the very key word… This is the year we all believe and have our heads in the right places… We're a much stronger team - much more together as a team…"

Anderson: "We've been with the same coaches for three years… We have experience and leadership across the board… This is the most confident as a unit we've been since I've been here…"

Lasco: "Our team has definitely grown a lot… Everyone is pushing each other to be the best they can be… It's a sign of a great team… We're all competing out there every day, and the defense has grown tremendously… Offense, defense, everyone is continuing to get better…"

CGB: Several of the new freshmen stepped up and played very well, could you share some of your observations?

Lasco: - "I didn't think the freshmen would be as good as they are, but it's great to see… Brandon [Singleton] and Kanawai [Noa] are ballin' out there! [Evan] Rambo has a nose for the ball, [Jaylinn] Hawkins is doing well…"

Borrayo: "The young guys are making the most of their opportunities… The freshmen [OL, including Semisi Uluave & Patrick Mekari] are a very tough group, but they're still working on learning technique…"

Anderson: "Coaches did a really good job recruiting, bringing in young guys who are ready to play…"

CGB: What are your expectations this season, and do you have any overall team goals?

Lasco: "We want to win a Pac-12 championship, that's our goal starting from the first game… This season is going to be exciting for everyone…"

Borrayo: "I want this year to be one where we win games together as a team, as a unit, as a family… We want to win the Pac-12 and get to the Rose Bowl…"

Anderson: "I feel that a lot of people are counting us out… We're coming in as underdogs… We're going to line up and surprise people… It's a dream come true to play at Cal… I feel blessed and I work hard every day…"