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Cal football Sonny Dykes press conference video: Griffin Piatt will return this week

Plus Jared Goff, Darius Allensworth and Trevor Davis also addressed the media.

Time for the weekly press conference video, which has a few injury updates. Here are the highlights.

Sonny Dykes (video above)

  • On Mustafa Jalil, DeVante Wilson and Daniel Lasco: They'll fully practice.
  • (Of note on the depth chart: Tony Mekari is currently listed as starting DT over Jalil)
  • On Griffin Piatt and true freshman defensive lineman Cameron Saffle: They should be cleared to play.
  • On Pac-12's response to the late hit by Azeem Victor on Kenny Lawler: He was satisfied with what he heard.
  • On the improving defense: We'll have a lot better idea of what our passing defense looks like after Saturday. WSU throws the ball against everyone.
  • On being ranked: You always have to guard against guys being satisfied with being ranked. Our guys have been incredibly focused. Lots of hard work.
  • On Cameron Walker: He's confident. He's playing well at nickelback.
  • On giving up second half leads: When you're playing offense with a lead, sometimes your mentality changes a little bit and we have to guard against that.
  • On Pac-12 defensive player of the week Kyle Kragen: He's gotten stronger this off season and he's moving well. He is someone who doesn't give up on a play.
  • On team's potential: I think we're capable of playing much better than we have up to this point.

Jared Goff

  • On Saturday gameplan: We plan on going out there hard on offense and hopefully scoring a lot of points.
  • On the Washington State defense: They've mixed it up on defense & it's going to make it tougher on us to do what we want to do. We'll have to play well to beat them. I think it's just the fact that they're not doing what they did last year that might be an improvement.
  • On Aaron Cochran: "With Aaron [Cochran] coming in, I felt totally comfortable with him."
  • On playing on the road: "Washington might have been the loudest I've heard in a long time. That's going to help at Oregon and at Utah."
  • On the gameday experience: The students are definitely more excited & more into it, as they should be. In our locker room- not much of a change. We expected 2 be here.

Darius Allensworth

  • On the secondary: As a whole, we're just more experienced and our will to win is better than it's been. We want the ball. We're attacking the ball more.
  • On Piatt returning: "I tell him, 'I've got to get my picks before you come back, because there won't be any more.'"

Trevor Davis

  • On last year's game: Last year's game was probably the craziest game I've been a part of. Both of our offenses are really good & I think that set it off.
  • On maintaining focus: Our team really takes '1 game at a time' very seriously. The main focus is WSU right now. Every team in the Pac-12 is really good.