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Cal football recruiting: Boss Tagaloa puts Golden Bears in his top 5

The four-star defensive tackle out of De la Salle has narrowed his list to six schools: Arizona, Cal, UCLA, Washington, Michigan.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Boss Tagaloa, the number 12 defensive tackle recruit in 2016 cycle, has cut his list of schools down to five schools including Cal.

UCLA has been the favorite for quite some time now, but he is planning on taking his time before making his decision. If Cal can continue to prove its worth in the trenches it would go a long way towards convincing Tagaloa to suit up in the blue and gold.

Tagaloa is the type of recruit Cal needs to land if they want to become a national player and truly ascend on the Pac-12 ladder and compete with schools like UCLA, USC, and Oregon, who continue to land top tier talent every recruiting cycle. Cal has had momentum on the recruiting trail as of late and if they can build off the hype and have a successful season, they could definitely have a shot at top tier recruits.

Tagaloa is 6-3 295 lbs, and is a force to be reckoned with in the middle of the line. Since he plays for De la Salle, the shift to college football should be easier for Tagaloa because he already plays the top high school teams around the nation. If he chooses Cal, expect Tagaloa to compete for playing time as soon as he gets to campus.

After the showing against Texas, it is clear that Cal has a dearth of defensive line depth and landing Tagaloa will make sure they are well-equipped for the future.