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Golden Blogs Writers predict Week 1 Pac-12 victors!

Golden Blogs Writers Pick-Em Week 1

Utah hosts the first Pac-12 football game of 2015. How will they fare against Michigan?
Utah hosts the first Pac-12 football game of 2015. How will they fare against Michigan?
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It's that time of the year where our writers turn on their crystal balls and predict the winners of all the games featuring Pac-12 teams this season. For this year, I am opting not to include games against FCS opponents (despite that upsets have happened before) but we will still use point spreads. I forgot to include the over/under this week, but may bring it back starting next week. Who will be the victor this season?

We have seven competitors and six all FBS games featuring Pac-12 teams, none of which are intraconference.

(William = PerryScope. My apologies. I'll have it right next time)

Michigan +5.5 at Utah

An almost even split! Pac-12 brethren Utah gets the 4-3 edge. Some of our writers explained their selection.

Nik Jam: I might be a tad biased this year as a son of one of my friends is now playing on Utah, but I really think they'll be a force this year and home field advantage should give them the edge. Had this been a road game I'd pick Michigan.

Andrew G. Miller: Even His Khakiness needs time to turn things around at Michigan, plus I’m reluctantly buying the hype for Devontae Booker and the Utes.

KWBears: This is Harbaugh's first game coaching the Wolverines.  He won't lose, no matter who the opponent is. Too bad for the Utes.

Berkelium97: Boo Harbaugh!

Ruey Yen: As much as I would like to be a Pac-12 homer, I think Harbaugh will have the Wolverines ready for his debut. It should be close but Michigan gets the mild upset here.

PerryScope: Great home field advantage

Colorado -8 at Hawaii

Our whole crew thinks Colorado will get their season off to a good start with a win over Hawaii on the road, but Berkelium expects Hawaii to cover.

Andrew G. Miller: I’m counting on the Buffs not to embarrass the Pac 12 (and, more importantly, me) this early in the season.

KWBears: The Buffs will have a glorious trip to the Hawaiian Islands, including a pretty easy win on the field.

Nam Le: Easiest call for me.

Berkelium97I expect Colorado to win this pillow fight, but Hawaii might make a game of it in the fourth quarter.

Ruey Yen: To be honest, I will probably not watch any of this game.

Washington +10.5 at Boise

Some Pac-12 love given to Washington, but most are expecting a Boise State win.

Andrew G. Miller: Do I expect the Huskies to lose big or do I just want them to? Yeah, it’s both.

KWBears: I'm calling the upset here - HC Chris Petersen will pull-out all sorts of tricks to get the W against his former team.

Nam Le: I don't think they're very good, but UW should at least cover, if not win outright this week.

Berkelium97: UW might not score double digits in this game.

Ruey Yen: Chris Petersen's return to Boise State should see U-Dub using all their tricks.

Virginia +17 at UCLA

Another even split. UCLA gets the edge but a few expect Virginia to cover.

Andrew G. Miller: UCLA takes this one comfortably, but 17 points is a lot to put on any true freshman QB not named Goff.

KWBears: Virginia's basketball has been good of late, not their football team.

Nam Le: Tough to read with it being Rosen's first start, since they might be more inclined to get them out of there early. I went with them anyway, as the more talented team by far.

Berkelium97: Rosen gets sacked 6 times and fumbles once or twice, but UCLA wins after 60 minutes of uglyball.

Ruey Yen: I am not sold not Rosen but Virginia is not very good either.

Stanford -12 at Northwestern

Always tough to decide whether to go with the heart or with the brain when it comes to Stanford, but the Lobsterbacks get the edge at Northwestern.

Nik Jam: As much as I want this to be the game where Stanford reveals itself to be overrated, they will look pretty good Saturday. I expect Northwestern to keep it close though.

Andrew G. Miller: Prediction: Kevin Hogan will be frustratingly good this year.

KWBears: The Cardinal will start of their season with an easy win against a team that's more worried about unionizing than playing football.

Berkelium97: 12 is the over/under, right?

Ruey Yen: Yep, I don't want to pick Stanford, although I do think they will win, just not cover.

Arizona State +3 at Texas A&M

Another split with Arizona State getting the edge.

Nik Jam: I think Arizona State gets some adversity to start the season with a tough road loss, but it will push them towards better days this year.

KWBears: The Aggies are still living in their post-Manziel glory while on the recruiting trail.  They seem to get all sorts of big-named players.  ASU does not.  A&M just has too much talent.

Berkelium97: ASU.  Because I'm a Pac-12 homer.

Ruey Yen: Should be a fun game, but I'll go with my Pac-12 pride here.


Although a lot of these picks are split, that mostly has to do with the point spreads. Seems like, aside from Washington and some concerns with Utah, we're predicting a very successful week for the Pac-12. Hopefully Cal will join them.