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Cal football podcast episode 5: Listen to the Bearcast on Washington win & WSU game

The fifth episode of a non-award winning podcast that has recently been voted a top five podcast about Cal sports. Probably.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Welcome back to the fifth edition of the Bearcast. Rob and I covered any number of topics on the Washington game. We also covered the rest of the Pac-12 games from week 4. We looked ahead to next week's matchup against Washington State. Also on the docket:

  • The last time the Bears won in Seattle, the distant time period that was 2005
  • Joe Ayoob, paper airplane record holder
  • Previewing the Washington State game and two for one coupons
  • The breakout of Kyle Kragen
  • Mike Silver's love of Cal
  • Kragen's future auto parts endeavor
  • The Cal four-year plan and the future talents in the Bear Raid
  • The other Cal sporting news of the week
  • Our first email with comments on the show
  • A music contest, if you win Rob will take you out for a nice lunch

There's much more that we talked about, you'll just have to listen in to find out. This might be our best one yet. If you want to contact us, send all your compliments and hate mail to Go Bears and enjoy!