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Cal vs. Washington, 3rd quarter open thread: UW defense keeping them in it, but Cal leads 20–7

Cal leads despite offensive struggles due to a strong UW defensive effort.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears are having a great day statistically (outgaining the Dawgs in terms of yardage and having much more time of possession), but the UW red-zone and short-yardage defense have suffocated the Golden Bears, who are up 207.

Kudos to Kyle Kragen, the Notorious Vic Enwere, Darius White, Darius Allensworth, and Hardy Nickerson for having great days. And how did it take until Game Four for Bryce Treggs to catch his first touchdown pass this year? I'm glad that we can pick four defensive guys who are playing great.

Thanks to Dawg QB Jake Browning for putting up video-game stats. Like, the stats that the opposing QB has when you play on easy mode, at one point going 0 for 3, 1 INT, QB Rating of -66.7. More completions to Cal players than his own teammates!