"Preseason" prediction for Nobel names UC Berkeley professor


Now that we've moved into the meat of college football season, we can forget all about those meaningless preseason predictions that we used to fill the emptiness that is football-free life. Well, if you miss useless predictions and can't get your Miss Cleo fix, then here's a prediction that might interest you.Thomson Reuters predicts the Nobel parking spots at UC Berkeley are going to get a little more crowded with Professor Jennifer Doudna winning one for her gene-editing technology, CRISPR-Cas9. Personally, I'm a little skeptical that Doudna wins this year. Thomson Reuters brags about accurately predicting 37 winners since 2002, but not always in the correct year and those numbers may be inflated if they're counting multiple scientists winning for the same development. I do think Doudna/CRISPR will win the Nobel one day, but I think the Nobel Committee usually waits a little longer to recognize research with the acclaimed prize.

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