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Cal basketball recruiting commit: Alec Hickman, 2017 San Juan Capistrano point guard

Sleeper target?

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Cal has found their first commitment of the 2017 recruiting class with the comment of three-star point guard Alec Hickman out of JSerra Catholic from San Juan Capistrano. With the Bears trying to lock down Oscar Frayer and Tyson Jolly for next season, Cal has a huge priority in filling up their scholarships for future years, and they've found a player they like in Hickman.

Evan Daniels of Scout with the story:

"I chose Cal because I really like coach Martin and the staff," Hickman told Scout. "I feel like they're really doing special things up there."

Here's a look at his highlight reel.

It's easy to see why the staff likes Hickman. He's a tall point guard at 6'4 who can score and dish, and the Bears want a defensive-first mindset. Hickman is quick to close on passing lanes and make disruptive steals. His offensive game isn't a lot of flash (he can only occasionally dunk), but he does wriggle his way to the basket effectively. Hickman has a solid amount of floaters and long range jumpers in his arsenal. His offensive game kind of reminds me of young Mike Conley, slow and methodical.

The Golden Bears are jumping a class ahead with this commitment, as it'll be a year when they are losing a bunch of players. Barring redshirts somewhere, Jabari Bird, Jordan Mathews, Sam Singer, Roger Moute, and Stephen Domingo will all be moving on, so Cal will need to find at least five players two years from now.

Welcome to Cal Alec! GO BEARS!