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Cal fans, what are your feelings about Washington football? Give us your early picks!

Do you still hate the Huskies or have the feelings faded?

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What are your feelings on Washington football? Hate, disinterest, other feelings?

Avinash: Exasperation. How have we lost to the mutts six times in a row?

Remember when Jahvid Best was on pace for like a thousand rushing yards before he got bored and ran across the Earth instead? That was our last win against them! How is that our last win?

How did we manage to lose all three games in a row on the final play? How did we only manage 7 points last year? Why do we always save our worst for UW, a team that is generally not that much better than us (and often probably plays at our level).

I hate playing the Huskies. Losing to Oregon and USC forever and ever? Sure, whatever, they're usually better. Stanford? Of course that's terrible. But there is literally no reason Cal should be this bad playing UW every. Single. Year.

KWBears: I generally dislike the U-Dub program, and not really for anything on the field. Remember Tosh Lupoi? Remember their Steve Sarkisian era? A whole bunch of slime balls stealing our recruits - Shaq Thompson being the best one to leave our Cal program. I believe that whole episode put a definitive end to our Tedford era and add injury to our insulting recent period of disastrous football.

Nick Kranz: They were easy to hate under the Sarkisian/Lupoi regime, but they're all gone, replaced by a coach pretty universally respected. Now, my only real bone of contention with UW is this absurd six game winning streak over Cal ever since Jahvid Best did them a favor by defenestrating the Willingham era.

Sam Fielder: Total disinterest. Anyone that matter from the recruiting debacle is gone. We can't seem to beat them, so that's annoying, but as far as caring, I really just want to win and move on. Not worried about them beyond the game on Saturday.

Berkelium97: Indifference.  Now that Sark has moved on, my dislike of the Huskies has moved with him to USC (intensifying my hatred of USC to that of ten thousand suns).  And how can anyone dislike a school with a mascot as adorable as this?

Avinash: Dubs is now much bigger Berkelium.

Berkelium97: Dubs may be bigger, but he remains just as adorable.

A.W. Johnston: To be fair Washington did me wrong first. First there was the Tosh debacle, then Shaq, and finally Seven Win Sark asking why anyone would go to Cal. I was taught never to use the word hate in life, so I will say I despised Washington. A lot of that has gone away since Sark departed and Washington has been in a bit of a transition. All that to say, I don't love Washington and I hope we win in the same fashion we did in 2008.

Keegan Dresow: I was not a fan of some of the things that went on during prior regimes at Washington.

Let's look ahead to Cal-Washington. Based on what you've seen, what are your predictions for that game?

Avinash: Washington wins close. I predicted a Texas-Washington road split, and I don't feel all that confident the Bears will pull out their two-face habit and come out with a victory two weeks running. The Huskies have somehow become better on defense despite losing four blue-chippers to the pros, and that D clamped down on the Cal offense last season. The Huskies have a terrible offense, but they had a terrible offense last year.

If Cal plays complete ball for more than a quarter, they will win. Otherwise, narrow upset for the Huskies.

KWBears: I expect this to be a pretty methodical win for Cal.  I With these next two games against the Washington schools, I just want us to win and not lose anymore players to injuries.  We need our stars to play in the big games later on down the road.

Nick Kranz: I think that Jake Browning hits enough passes to keep Cal fans uncomfortable all game long, but he misses just enough throws (and UW's running game continues to put him in awkward situations) that it gives Cal's offense enough chances to outpace anything Browning and company can put up. Mark me down for Cal 42, UW 31.

Sam Fielder: Which Cal team shows up and which Jake Browning shows up? I'm worried there might be a hangover/injury effect from the Texas game for Cal and I really hope that Browning doesn't carve up our secondary. It really feels like another shoot-out type of a game with Cal having to get a big defensive stop to win the game.

A.W. Johnston: I actually have more confidence going into this game after the Texas win. I think we are going to take advantage of a very young defense and we should have no problem implementing our run game. Washington has played well against sub par competition and I think Jake Brown will struggle against a better defense. I am very worried about our safety depth with the injury to Drew, but I am convinced we can come away with a two touchdown win on the road.

Keegan Dresow: Based on what I've seen...I haven't seen enough of Washington.  If Cal can regain the offensive rhythm that they had in the second and third quarter against Texas, they will be hard for anybody to beat.  The result may hinge on whether Washington can slow the pace of the game like San Diego State did.