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Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald, Texas fans forget Cal is good at academics

This is odd.

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

There are plenty of things that opposing fans can make fun of Cal for. Our athletic ups and downs. Our football program's struggles to finish seasons.

But...academics? Real odd. I mean, bring it on, because we can totally handle it!

1) Pat Fitzgerald says Northwestern is 8-0 against academic programs, is the number one academic program in college football.

Fitz might be a decent coach (the Wildcats are 3-0, and hey they beat Stanford so they can't be all that bad). But he seems to have all the stylings of a Chicago machine politician.

So apparently Fitz is disowning this game.

I guess we as bloggers need to send him better information. He's not getting all the right facts from his sources.


2) Texas fans seem to think Cal is some backwater provincial program that is filled with losers and castoffs.

I'm a little disappointed with you Longhorns. You definitely did make a lot of noise on Saturday, but in terms of taunting chants I was expecting a lot more than this.

A few things here.

  • Cal is the #1 public school in the nation. Texas is 16th.
  • Cal is often ranked side-by-side with Stanford as one of the top universities in the world. Sometimes they're even better.
  • The last two presidents (previous and recent) for the University of Texas have been Cal grads.

Academic taunts are weird. Where were the Rose Bowl snub signs? Why weren't you parading around the 2006 trophy on the field? No Texas Tech 45, Cal 31 anywhere? Where is the rich tapestry of Texas football trolling that I was looking forward to all week? Academics, really?

Let's finish this up with a Nobel Prize count.

  • Texas: 9
  • Northwestern: 9
  • Cal: 61 (maybe even as many as 70). #drop70
Go Bears!