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Vince Young wears Cal football shirt after Texas loss for losing a bet

Vince Young is Bear Territory.

Vince Young wearing a Cal jersey
Vince Young wearing a Cal jersey
Scott X Nady

The California Golden Bears beat the Texas Longhorns yesterday. This is a thing we all witnessed yesterday. We did not hallucinate it in our lucid dreaming exercises. Cal is 3-0 entering Pac-12 play. Exciting!

But it wasn't the only thing Cal won yesterday. Check out who was sporting a custom Golden Bear jersey in Darrell K Royal Stadium after the win.

Vince Young made a bet back in August with former Cal player Scott Nady that if Cal beat Texas, he would have to wear a Cal shirt on TV. I'm not sure if he did the TV bit (I don't get the Longhorn Network, do you?), so we'll have to settle for the Internet world.

So Vince Young may have stolen our Rose Bowl, but Texas fans, we have stolen your greatest ever player! For a year. And maybe if we win next year, we get to keep him forever!

(Kudos to Leland and coolingfan for finding this.)